[In the past]
Shanghai Dayou Logistics Co., Ltd.has been relying on "innovation, firm and indomitable spirit" through continuous efforts to provide professional supply chain services for world-famous enterprises. It occupies a seat in the national supply chain market and has a higher market share in dangerous goods logistics field.
[In the future]
Shanghai Dayou Logistics Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen its own hardware and software construction when adhering to the "safety-oriented, service-oriented" policy. By opening the new situation of the logistics market step by step with firm steps, as the saying goes: "ambition can sometimes sail" ,We are full of confidence for the future and it will be commit- ted to the promise as in the past. Moreover, in the new start- ing point, it will provide more professional supply chains ser- vice with a new attitude and higher service standards for more partners.
Contact Us
Mr Yong
EMAIL: dayou001@dayou56.com
Mr 孟
MOBILE :18502136685
EMAIL: dayou66@dayou56.com
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