·  The company has vehicles of various tonnage (vans, lorries, high-sided trucks, flying wing cars), driving trucks(vans, lorries, high-sided trucks, flying wing cars, low platform vehicles), refrigerated trucks, containers
·  All vehicles are equipped with full-time drivers and guards with a dangerous goods transport qualification certificate. The company inspects the fix- ed passenger and fixed-vehicle management、daily maintenance and technical condition of vehicles
·  When one department needs the vehicle, it will be dispatched by the dispatcher.
·  All vehicles (dangerous cargo transportation and general cargo transportation) are equipped with GPS and monitored and recorded by specially-assigned person .
·  Drivers should pay special attention to safely driving on the way
strictly forbid speeding and obey the traffic rules.
·  When the vehicle arrives at the destination, it should be parked as
·  The “regulations for the operation of operating vehicles” should
be strictly obeyed when the vehicle gets in or out the parks.
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